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DHEA Study —

  • NCT00650754
    Study of oral dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) to treat previously unexplained infertility.

    Objective: To determine whether DHEA potentially improves spontaneous pregnancy chances in women with with so-called unexplained infertility (other than possibly prematurely aging ovaries).
    Candidates: Women under age 38 years, with regular menstrual cycles and normal fallopian tubes, infertile for at least one year, who are regularly sexually active with a partner with normal semen.


Welcome to CHR's Infertility Trials

A digest of fertility-related clinical trials seeking qualified volunteer participants. 


Infertility Trials lists clinical studies specifically related to infertility treatments and fertility preservation procedures. Research scientists rely on finding candidates who meet unique criteria and are willing to participate in clinical studies to validate the effectiveness of new treatments.

The information, resources, and links provided on these pages are intended to facilitate connecting research professionals engaged in developing new innovative treatments, with qualified candidates who are interested, willing, and able to participate in organized and safe clinical trials.

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DHEA Study —


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